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What Is 1 Nite 2 Unite?
A gathering for one night by Christians and Churches in the Moreno Valley and nearby communities to celebrate and worship God in a unified body of Believers. This is an opportunity to impact our community through the demonstration of what it means to be unified in Christ. We’ll be singing and worshipping in Unity and proclaiming the Love of Jesus to all in attendance. 

Taking the opportunity to demonstrate the heart of unity that God has given us at the Cross of Jesus, Christians are gathering together for ONE NIGHT of praise and worship. Everyone is welcome to attend this event held in the amphitheater at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial overlooking the beautiful Moreno Valley. The event is on Wednesday night, July 2nd, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.

The unity we seek will be displayed by the leadership during this event as local pastors and leaders participate in planning and leading the event. Additionally, worship bands and/or choirs will reflect different churches and Christian groups in the area, helping to lead worship with one heart and one Spirit. 
The Vision....

To see the Body of Christ join together to make an impact in our community.
Why One Night? 
Imagine a community where churches and leaders didn’t feel competitive, but cooperative with one another. Imagine the impact on neighborhoods when Christian neighbors live in unity despite attending different churches. Ministry leaders have been called to work to strengthen the witness of our total church by bringing Christians together only under the banner of Jesus Christ.  

Our unity in Christ doesn’t eliminate our uniqueness and differences, but allows us to put into perspective the ways in which we differ. 

Valuing the diversity of churches within a community who proclaim the same Gospel of Jesus Christ, but approaching their walk of faith in different style; and realizing churches who are different audiences with that Gospel message---this is the Body of Christ. God can work powerfully through united believers who join together in witness and purpose. We are that variety of believers who are united around the Truth of God’s Word and the Proclamation of Jesus Christ as the One Way to a relationship with God. 

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”
Psalm 133:1
We are uniting to glorify God with our music and Word and make a lasting impact in our community